Air freight

Air freight

Currently, the international transport service industry is accounting for a large proportion both at home and abroad, bringing many opportunities to the aviation industry. With the need to transport goods quickly and safely, air freight services have become more popular than ever.

What is Air Cargo?

Air cargo is goods transported by plane, also known as by air. This is the method by which goods are transported by specialized cargo aircraft (English is Cargo Aircraft, or Freighter), or carried in the belly of passenger aircraft (Passenger Plane).

Air freight accounts for a small proportion of the total weight of international freight (less than 0.5%), while it accounts for about 30% in terms of value.

Advantages of air transport

  • High speed: The average passenger or cargo plane has an average speed of about 800-1000km/h, which is very high compared to other popular modes.
  • Air transport is also the safest.
  • Unobstructed by topographical surfaces such as roads or waterways, it is possible to connect almost all countries in the world
  • Fast, on-time service, thanks to the very fast airspeed and the often high-value or perishable cargo characteristics
  • Minimizing the loss caused caused by goods damage, breakage, or petty theft
  • Lower shipping insurance due to less risk than other methods
  • Warehousing fees are usually minimal due to the characteristics of the goods and the quick processing speed…

Air freight service Apple Trans

Apple Trans Co., Ltd provides customers with the most prestigious and quality air freight service. Currently, we are agents of most major airlines in Vietnam market. Thanks to the regular quantity of goods shipped together with a large volume with many incentives and warranty commitments, our transportation company is being chosen by many individual and corporate customers. Yellow”.

Apple Trans with rich experience in the field of transportation, especially in transporting goods by air to international. Therefore, we are one of the brightest units for businesses that are in need of transporting goods by plane. As a leading company in this field, we have cooperation with many major airlines such as: China Airline (CI), Korea (ICN), Japan (KIX), … and work with many low-cost airlines. Cheap, different quality.

Receiving and sending overseas furniture, technology machinery, agricultural products, garments, electronics, mechanical goods by air to countries (USA, China, Korea, Japan, UK, France …) by plane.

Owning a team of professionals with extensive practice and dedication in work will meet all transportation needs of customers from the smallest packages to bulky shipments. Providing transportation services of various types of goods:

  • Common goods;
  • Fresh goods, frozen food;
  • Perishable goods;
  • Special product;
  • Hazardous goods;
  • Personal baggage…

Our transportation services include:

  • Regular flight service with low fare. Shipping goods to the US, countries in Europe with flight time from 2 – 3 days and 1 – 2 days for Asian countries.
  • Express service:   Commit to the destination within 12 hours for Asia and same day delivery for areas in Europe and America.
  • Transport services combine sea and air to reduce costs but still ensure delivery to the designated place on time as required.
  • Service of transporting fresh food, dangerous goods, according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • Transporting goods imported from major airports in the world to Noi Bai (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh) airports in Vietnam
  • Domestic transportation service: receive goods from Tan Son Nhat airports and deliver to Da Nang and Noi Bai airports.

Included services:

  • Transporting import and export goods from the warehouse to the airport and vice versa.
  • Package delivery service: Door-to-door.
  • Packing and unloading goods.
  • Free consultation services.

Why choose Apple Trans’ international air freight

  • Although the shipping cost is high, it is accompanied by a fast delivery time and high safety, so this is a popular mode of transport for many people. Coming to Apple Trans, you will be provided with quality services at the most favorable prices for all types of goods that you consign from domestic to international shipping.
  • When using our service, you will always be assured of the safety of your goods. Committed to deliver the goods to the designated place and on time specified in the contract with fast sending speed.
    Staff with many professional skills along with hospitality will assist you as much as we can. Cooperate with Apple Trans and become a long-term partner, you will enjoy many special discounts for loyal customers. of our air freight service through many discounts for loyal customers.

International air freight is the leading service of Apple Trans in Vietnam. We specialize in transporting import and export goods by air to more than 200 countries around the world with preferential prices. The company always puts customer satisfaction first, so it always strives to improve the quality of service in a professional and best way for you.

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