Customs service

Customs service

Apple Trans customs declaration service

Customs declaration is one of the very important stages in the process of exporting and importing goods. Customs declaration requires the professionalism of experienced staff to handle arising problems, so we provide customs services for customers. At the same time equipped with modern equipment system to serve the goods in the best and fastest way.

Putting ourselves in the customer’s position, we understand the difficulties that customers face when carrying out customs declaration procedures. That is why we invest in a team of human resources in the customs clearance service consisting of experienced and skilled professionals who understand the regulations on issues related to import and export. Since then, we always give reasonable advice and timely solutions to customers to optimize costs as well as save time.

Our customs services cover all types

  • Type of Import-Export Business.
  • Type of import-export production and export.
  • Type of Import-Export Processing.
  • Type of import and export on the spot.
  • Types of temporary import – re-export, temporary export – re-import.
  • Transit type.
  • Type of investment import-export tax/exemption.

Besides, we also develop other services for the customs clearance of customers’ goods such as

  • Apply for an import and export license.
  • VNACCS electronic customs declaration service.
  • Animal/plant quarantine.
  • Packing, spraying.
  • Chemical notification.
  • Apply for C/O – certificate of origin.
  • Quality control, inspection, inspection.

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