What is the ENS fee?

What is the ENS fee?

What is the ENS fee? Learn about ENS fees and related information!

For goods exported to Europe, it is impossible not to pay attention to the ENS fee. So what is the ENS fee? Under what circumstances does the ENS fee apply? Let’s find out with SIMBA GROUP through the article below!

What is the ENS fee?

ENS is an acronym for Entry Summary Declaration in English. ENS fee is understood as a kind of surcharge for preliminary declaration of goods exported to the European market (EU).

The purpose of the ENS fee is to ensure the security standards of goods imported into Europe. By declaring consignment information such as consignor, consignee and basic consignment information, the level of risk of shipments entering the EU will be controlled. Shipments of a dangerous or terrorist nature will be prevented in a timely manner.

The required ENS declaration must be correct within the specified time and complete and accurate in terms of information. Currently, the declaration can be made on the electromagnetic system connecting shipping lines (transport agents) and EU customs. All 27 EU member states apply ENS declaration and the following shipments apply

Imported into Europe (EU).
Goods are unloaded in the EU and shipped to countries outside the EU by various methods.
Cargo does not unload at EU ports but the shipment is on ships moored in EU ports.
The reason ENS fees appear
Effective December 31, 2010, the ENS fee is applied by the European Union. Completing the ENS is done on a 24-hour basis.
According to the 24-hour rule, you must pay the shipping line and the shipping company will then be responsible for declaring the ENS surcharge of your shipment on the system. Next, European customs will confirm this declaration. Everything must be completed no later than 24 hours from the time the train departs.
EU Customs will confirm whether the information declared on the system is correct or not. It will then return results for rows loaded or unloaded. Cargo is not loaded in case the shipment is suspected by EU customs to have the nature, sign of danger, terrorism or the shipment is falsely declared, the consignee is on the blacklist. At the same time, declaring ENS late or forgetting to declare will have to receive a fine from EU customs. This fine is quite heavy, up to thousands of Euro for each shipment.
How much is the ENS fee?
According to regulations in Europe, the regular ENS fee to pay will range from about 30 to 40 USD for each shipment. You should note that this fee will be for each shipment, not for each container or for a certain volume of goods.
Whether you export goods with a quantity of 50 or 100 containers and only use 1 BL, the fee to be paid will still be 30 – 40 USD. The ENS fee and the ENS declaration are designed to provide guarantees for the export of goods that will promote trade connections for countries in the EU.
When declaring ENS, what information do you need?

When declaring ENS, you need to pay attention to the following information to avoid being penalized for false declaration:

Consignee consignee (if the goods are exported to Turkey, the full tax code of the consignee is required). One thing you should note is that delivery is at the request of the manufacturer) and the consignee may change the goods upon arrival at the port of destination. This means that you can transfer the goods to person B instead of being transferred to person A as originally agreed.
Notify Party Notify Person
HS code 4 or 6 numbers of goods.
Quantity per container
Shipping mark
Number of containers
Number of seals
Gross weight of the container
If it is dangerous goods (DG), additional UN code is required
Conditions of shipment payment are Prepaid or Collect

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