Domestic shipping

Domestic shipping

Apple Trans domestic shipping service

Besides international shipping services, Apple Trans Co., Ltd also gives you the best deals in domestic shipping.

With the desire to become a leading forwarding company, providing a comprehensive supply chain for customers, Apple Trans Co., LTD owns a team of tractors with highly trained drivers. Professional services and association with major domestic transportation companies to serve the needs of customers to the fullest, ensure the best and safety on every step.

Besides, the combination with reputable car companies across the country is also a great competitive advantage for us. When customers have transportation needs, we are ready to respond immediately.

Freight transport by road

With a fleet of trucks and container trucks of more than 40 units, we undertake:
+ Transporting import and export goods in full containers or retail goods from customer warehouses to Vietnamese ports and vice versa.
+ Transporting full containers and retail goods from warehouse to warehouse in the territory of Vietnam.
+ Transporting goods in transit through the territory of Vietnam.
+ Relocating offices, factories and personal property.

Transport of goods by river

We provide river transportation services by barge from the port area of Ho Chi Minh City, Cai Mep to the Western provinces and vice versa for all types of goods: full containers, bulk cargo, bulk cargo such as agricultural products, food livestock, construction materials, etc. are suitable for customers who need to transport large volumes of goods at a much lower cost than transporting by road.

Transportation of goods by rail

This is a form of transportation that ensures the safety of goods with a strictly regulated time according to train time and is not affected by weather conditions. Thanks to that, the goods are shipped in the fastest time, on time and at the request of the customer.

Transport of goods by sea inland North and South

We are currently operating the North-South shipping route by sea on a weekly basis with the following services:
+ Transporting FCL goods from ports in HCM area – Hai Phong area port
+ LCL consolidation service from HCM to Hanoi warehouse
+ Delivery service from warehouse to warehouse (combined shipping by container truck / truck at both ends of Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong ports)

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