Origin documents related to import and export

Origin documents related to import and export

Customs service is the work that a customs service provider must perform to complete customs procedures, handle origin documents related to import and export for shipments of the user. Depending on the item of customs clearance, the work and cost of “package customs service” will be different.

Therefore, it will need more cooperation as well as exchange between the two businesses using and providing customs services. At the present time, customs services at the package have 2 main forms, which are:

  • Customs clearance: the unit or individual receiving the service uses the introduction letter on behalf of the goods owner to carry out customs clearance procedures. The service provider does not appear the name of the legal entity (or individual) on the customs documents.
  • Customs agents: service companies (individuals cannot do) in their name and use their digital signature to declare declarations, copy documents to submit customs documents. The service company uses its own name to do the service.

Each of the above methods has advantages and disadvantages for shippers. For example, rental services are very popular now. The advantage is convenience for customers and service workers. But the disadvantage is that the service party does not appear and is responsible for the procedure, so in some cases it brings risks to the tenant.

What does the full package of Import-Export related documents of origin processing service include?

Specifically, the customs service in the package includes the following services:

  • Full customs clearance service.
  • Import and export customs declaration service from LCL packing to FCL raw goods.
  • Full form C/O application service.
  • Cargo transportation service with flexible, fast and safe forms.
  • Specialized inspection customs services. For example, disinfecting exported goods, applying for an import license for iron and steel products, fertilizers, inspecting goods, announcing conformity for shipments, etc.
  • Tax refund service for businesses.

Service of Papers of Origin related to Import-Export Apple Trans

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